Around the Web

Interesting reads in the internet today:

1. South Sudan national anthem.
2. How do NGOs work with the private sector? by Duncan Green
3. Quality of education in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda report by local NGO coalition (not the World Bank this time). Commented by Owen Barder here.
4. State of taxation in the Philippines featured in The Economist.
5. Of intelligence services, think tanks, and aid organizations.
6. Two Filipino women feature in The Economist, as Women in Political Dynasties. Commented by Duncan Green. Notice the countries of origin.
7. How to write an essay by Chris Blattman.
8. 50 years of stupid grammar advice by Geoffrey K Pullum in the Chronicle.
9. Lovotics – do you think you can be loved by a robot and vice versa?
10. The hidden damage of waste data
11. Email mall.


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