Search for a purpose

Stefan Kurowski:

“Apathy, indifference and weariness…this is how it has always been, perhaps with the exception of a few ardent days… But today these phenomena appear on a new scale, affect new circles, influence even the most active, encompass all the aspects of social life, paralyze both the organizations of social production and the organizations of social morality. We are passing through a period of universal and profound devaluation of public speech…

Apathy, indifference, discouragement and tedium dominate the public spirit more and more; they appear literally everywhere, they become the basis of every situation and of every problem that we must resolve; we notice them on the faces of all those to whom we speak and it is very likely that they appear on our faces as well…

What can we conclude from this? If one wants to fight against indifference and apathy, against disenchantment, one must not fight with words but with actions, basing oneself on facts and on a concrete action. We need acts, we need facts, if we want to improve certain items in particular and the social condition of the people in general. Acts are the more necessary since no one absolutely no one believes any more today in words, in words alone…”


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