Truth, the writer’s responsibility

Gyula Hay, in meeting of the writers’ association:

“We reached the point where the essential problem-in my opinion…for the general assembly of today-is that of truth. The best Communist writers-after many difficulties, serious errors and a violent spiritual struggle-have decided that never again on any account will they write lies. Let us say honestly this was a fundamental cause of the struggles and humiliations of recent years. The true reason of our conflicts was that certain influential personalities-not understanding the true role of literature in society and forgetting that the party also expects its members to tell the truth-blamed us for it. We want to promise here that in the future we shall never be bound to those who considering the lie as an indispensable political weapon want to impose it in literature as well… the recent years and the spiritual torments we have undergone have taught me that even an extremely wise philosophical foundation is not protection against the errors, the deviations, possibly the sins, of dishonesty. Even a Marxist must fight every day for truth, against himself and against others.”


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