Rural doesn’t have to mean poor

In a recent project, I recorded a few videos of interesting rural sightings.

Like this where we didn’t expect to cross a stream to get to the other side where we were to meet some villagers. Not yet across the stream, I decided that with the overcast sky we should be out of the area by noon because who wanted to stay overnight in the village with no change of clothes? No one did. That meant hurrying people a bit because the past days we normally conducted our talks with groups of villagers the whole day. But first we had to cross the stream. Our driver got in to test where the water was exactly. He said the water was going to get in the van and so he temporarily took out a car part, forgot what it was, from below before we finally went across.

Here, the roadside view is abruptly interrupted by a landslide.

A few times we almost got lost. Like this where endless rows of cornfields with no road end in sight could make you claustrophobic. With these roads, people are inside their houses before sunset. Good that schools are dismissing the children at 4 PM when the sun’s still comfortably up there.

The village here has gone without a bridge for years. The neglect to repair or construct a new bridge here illustrates the uneven distribution of national wealth e.g. compare this to Makati City infrastructures.

But despite disastrous and frustrating situations, here, the dancing traffic police of Ilagan, is a sight only Filipinos ‘can’, showing once again their brand of “resilience”. But this doesn’t mean those who are responsible should continue frustrating them.


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