Woodstock will democratize North Korea

“Sex, booze, and rock ‘n roll. Guys, i’m telling you these will bring North Korea to its knees!” Well, yes these would, surely, literally. And, no, this did not come from someone stoned.

Case papers presented, the class, nine all, was in a super celebratory mood. We could now be ourselves, talk.

Talking, we were conscious to steer clear of serious topics. Thus Woodstock. The lady from John Hay said her greatest dream at least related to her work is to stage a Woodstock fest in the Camp. This launched the rest of us into excited chatter. And then the “sex, booze, and rock ‘n roll” comment. After all, these are Woodstock trademarks.

Why not? Many strategic, profound, and wide scale changes are driven by the most unlikely and indirect of causes. Who’s will go through the patrolled borders is of course another matter. But wait isn’t this getting to be a serious topic?


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