The Water’s Edge – Profits and Policy Behind the Rising Catastrophe of Floods

An institutional perspective on the intensified flooding these days:

Through an amazing collection of flood footage and in-depth coverage of repetitive flood victims, this movie uncovers the profiteering and neglect that ensure increasing devastation for our ever-urbanizing society. The precious land at the water’ edge, so vital for wildlife corridors and open space, is being turned into a federally-subsidized disaster zone that brings great fortune to bankers and builders and the perpetual debt of the underclass.

We even get a clear and uncanny prediction for New Orleans fate from renowned flood expert, Dr. Victor Baker, just five weeks before Katrina makes landfall. And we see how (and why) wake up calls for such disasters are routinely missed with much worse events likely in the near future.

“The Water’s Edge” offers a well-researched and personalized critique of the cultural denials, financial incentives, and policy failures behind the growing natural disaster causes the most death and damage in the U.S. and worldwide.

Watch the video clips here.


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