The World is Blue: How our Fate and the Ocean’s are One

(Like warty) humans tend to believe that we are entitled to all of whatever there is, no matter what the mockingbirds, jawfish, ants, whales, tunas, toads, and millions of other forms of life with whom we share space might think.

– Earle, Slyvia A., in The World is Blue: How our Fate and the Ocean’s are One.

To drive home the point, the author cites Don Marquis’ 1972 ode to “warty bliggens, the toad”:

i met a toad
the other day by the name
of warty bliggens
he was sitting under
a toadstool
feeling contented
he explained that when the cosmos
was created
that toadstool was especially
planned for his personal
shelter from sun and rain…
a little more
conversation revealed
that warty bliggens
considers himself to be
the center of the same
the earth exists
to grow toadstools for him
to sit under
the sun to give him light
by day and the moon
and wheeling constellations
to make beautiful
the night for the sake of
warty bliggens…
i asked him
why is it that you
are so greatly favored
ask rather
said warty bliggens
what the universe
has done to deserve me…


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