“Zero waste”

The first time I read about the link between carbon capture and storage (a mitigation measure in climate change) and Coca-Cola was in my IELTS reading test. Carbon dioxide, captured and stored by clean coal power plants (by the way, it’s not really clean coal but it’s so called because the carbon released from the use of coal are captured and stored) are bought by Coca-Cola and other soda firms to put fizz in the drinks (which we so love of course especially when the drink’s ice cold and the weather’s oppressively hot). My professor in environment and climate change who’s a biologist and environmental scientist said zero waste being promoted by overly-enthused environmentalists is crap because there’s no such thing as “zero” waste. He said there’s always some form of waste and there’s always a user of the waste, a basic law of nature. Such as the carbon capture and storage chain in soda drinks. When we drink Coke that’s not the end of the carbon. It goes through another process inside us and comes out in another form of waste which is taken up by the external environment. Also, the garbage in say landfills. When trash are dumped into them that’s not the end of trash. In the landfills, garbage goes through another process, emission of methane gas for one as a product as well as seeping into the ground to meet up with water as runoff and eventually into bodies of water. The water might find its way into households and drinking water. Zero it isn’t.


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