When city parking equals public disorder

Businesses particularly those whose core business is with vehicled customers who need parking service for more than a few hours should integrate in their structural designs and plans parking areas for their customers. Think hotels, condominiums, malls, banks, restaurants, offices. Otherwise government should not issue them building permits. (or, structural designs and plans of these businesses may have parking areas integrated in the plans, but none is intended in the actual construction; since monitoring of building construction is a task building officials in this country is wont to do it is not unusual that plans and designs are complied with) It’s in the law anyway. Progressive cities around the globe practice it.

But apparently not in this City. Roads are clogged because business establishments do not have customer parking areas. Their customers use the roads as private parking spaces, clogging the lanes. A supposedly two-lane road is shrunk to just a lane! Your guess is as good as mine about why the public is made to continually bear the horrendous impact of noncompliance of private enterprises and of incompetence and corruption of regulatory bodies. Public disorder comes out of neglect and disregard of basic civil responsibilities.




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