18M liters of pesticide were sprayed from the Philippine air in 2010

In a previous article on the relationship between certain causes of morbidity and mortality in Baguio City and the presence of volatile organic compounds in the City’s air, water, and soil, I mentioned that in the Philippines’ State of the Brown Environment Report, aerial pesticide spraying is cited as cause of air pollution in the country. At the Civil Aeronautics Board website, there is information for non-commercial use of airplanes particularly in aerial pesticide spraying including destination. In 2010, a total of 18M liters of pesticides were sprayed from the air.

My concern is that volatile organic compounds could travel – through the biogeochemical cycles – very far from where these are sprayed, as far as abroad within the region. Also, the direction of spread is warm to cooler areas or regions and reaching the cool areas are deposited there. Given these biological characteristics of the compounds, Baguio City is susceptible to host these once they reach its air, soil, and water. (The next time I see fog – which may contain these deposits – I’ll run like the devil.) As I said in the previous article, the correlation needs to be studied.


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