Making it: Joanne Wilson’s address in the 2012 Women Entrepreneurs Festival

Here is one thing that women do that men don’t. We are incredibly judgmental of each other. We need to stop judging others and start focusing on what is in front of us. We look at other women and say, where did she get those awful shoes, look at that haircut, yikes what an outfit, why is she flirting with that guy, how did she get that funding and I didn’t? It has to stop. We have to stop it because who the hell really cares? I bet half of us in this audience can barely boil water. Does that matter? Does it make us less able to be successful at our chosen path? No.

What we need to do is applaud each others’ efforts as we start out own companies, we need to help each other figure out how to find the perfect engineer, to share our rolodexes, to be champions of each other and be honest about how difficult it is to start a company and that includes sharing how you actually find time to buy groceries and get your hair cut.

Read the whole speech here.


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