Philippines sectoral plans and reports

1. Water Resources
i. Philippines Water Supply Sector Roadmap
ii. Integrated Water Resources Management Plan Framework
iii. Philippines Sustainable Sanitation Framework
iv. Philippines Regulations on Sanitation and Wastewater Systems
v. Urban Sewerage and Sanitation Study
vi. National Water Quality Status Report
2. Environment and Natural Resources
i. Philippines Environment and Natural Resources Accounting
ii. Environmental Degradation due to selected Economic Activities
iii. Philippine Agenda 21
v. Community Based Forest Management
vi. 4th Philippines Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity
vii. Updated Philippines National Action Plan to Combat Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought
viii. The Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Priorities
a) National Wetland Action Plan
b) National Action Plan for Resource Use and Protection of Philippine Peatlands
c) National Recovery Plan for the Philippine Crocodile
ix. Philippine Coral Reefs through Time
xi. Philippines Integrated POPs Management Implementation Status Report
3. Power and Energy
i. Clean Technologies Fund Investment Plan
ii. Philippine Energy Plan
4. Transport
i. NEST Strategy for the Philippines
ii. Study on Urban Transport Development
5. Trade and Industry
i. Philippines Export Development Plan
6. Agriculture and Fisheries
i. Agri Pinoy
ii. Comprehensive National Fisheries Industry Development Plan 2006-2025
7. Tourism
i. Philippine Tourism Master Plan
ii. National Ecotourism Strategy
8. National Security
i. National Security Policy and Strategy
9. Poverty
i. Anti Poverty Framework
10. Others
i. National Health Atlas
ii. GIS-Based School Profiling Project
iii. Super Regions Development Plans
a. Central Luzon
b. North Luzon
c. Mindanao
d. Urban Beltway


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