Shakespeare would’ve cursed this theater

Listening to snatches of people’s reactions of the ongoing impeachment trial of Justice Corona I realized that the country at least its highest leaders have turned out to be quite the dramatic actors, in national costume none the less though honestly the scene where barong-clad senators make dramatic sweeps with their arms to time with their impassioned prosecution of a Justice takes on an eerie Dark Ages feel. Is that the effect of stress or what? Freud should be here to provide the public with expert analysis of their psychoses, once and for all. I mean, while they’re basking in the attention on stage, exactly how many pending bills am I supposedly to look for in their trailers?

Moreover, public revelation of private documents regardless of position (unless asked by the court in a civil case) is contestable because it is illegal which is why such administrative policy (as part of code of behavior of public officials) did not see the light of day in the court.

Let me just mention here statistics in the transport sector in Metro Manila, to make a point in case management. On the MMDA website, the organization issued, in the period July 23 to August 23, 2010, 66,296 tickets for traffic violations and 234 tickets to colorum vehicles, and impounded 311 vehicles. MMDA is happy to report such high figures. But to me the lower the figures (zero would be the perfect score) the better it reflects MMDA’s effectiveness, because it means MMDA is doing its job so well – educating motorists, easing traffic and facilitating mobility, creating partnerships with motorists and non-motorists, etc. – that no one is violating the rules. This would be actualizing the statement in the Dutch Spatial Strategy which says, “national government focuses less on looking (and may I add, running) after others and more into assuring that others can do the work on their own.”

The Philippine government ought to adopt that as its dictum, to keep legislators from chasing after every chicken that strays from the coop. Not yet a decade and Filipinos have been witness to more than a few infamous impeachment cases and it seems we’ve heard and seen it all. Are we expecting more? The utility of impeachments is beneficial only up a certain level and beyond that utility declines. The senate could overflow with trials against corrupt public officials for all we care but what does this show? No one is doing their job and no one cares if no one does. But there’s always the show to look forward to.


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