Comparative advantages of Baguio City

Baguio City is a university town and what does such a town produce? Engineers, architects, medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, sociologists, economists, and the like. In other words, scientists, intellectuals, and artists.

In view of the City’s employment problem, and if I were a decision maker in City Hall, I’d push that the City be transformed into a hub for:

1. Research and Development (medicine, information technology, industrial technology, agroforestry, social science).
2. Medical Tourism (a revival of the City’s ‘hill station’ role).
3. Rest and recreation/wellness.
4. Regional network of parks and nature awareness trails.
5. Cordilleran art and creative production (film, print, dance, music, etc.).

But these would entail upgrade of:

1. Local infrastructure and services (road networks, transportation networks such as the airport, pedestrian walkways, water supply, sewerage and sanitation facilities, etc.).
2. Competitiveness of the local service industry (e.g. upgrade of downtown hotels and restaurants facilities and services).
3. Zoning and land use.
4. Urban renewal of old and sprawling sections of the City.
5. Culture of entrepreneurship.
6. Intellectual property rights.


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