Philippine Statement in UNCTAD XIII

Mr. Evan P. Garcia represented the Philippines in the UNCTAD Qatar Conference on April 21. In his statement, he reiterated the agenda of inclusive growth for the country and averred that “exclusive reliance on markets is untenable and that markets need a degree of regulation and oversight”.

I suppose, to Filipinos back home and everywhere, the question is how are these agenda being realized at home.

Inclusive growth, Mr. Garcia said will be by “improving the country’s competitiveness” by “stimulating domestic demand and strengthening economic relations with our fast-growing neighbors in Asia”. Further, the Philippines aims to “double its exports and move up the value chain”.

In this particular statement, I’m super-alerted to the phrase “our fast growing neighbors in Asia”. Isn’t it that this country was supposed to be the fastest among the mostest some time ago? How come we’re left behind now? How come the mindset isn’t “Philippines is among the fast growing in Asia”?

Read the complete statement here.


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