The difference between dementia and cute

What’s this about backing up coal fired power plants to remedy the supply of electricity? And just after the Rio+20 Summit! Such forgetfulness reminds me of young children’s ability to “forget” their parents’ warning immediately after they said they won’t. Most parents let this pass perhaps because young kids are inherently cute even when being like little devils. But we’re not children anymore, are we, at least in terms of the ability to discern and heed serious warning. Nor do adults come off as cute when they persistently forget. But in case we did forget, we do have apart from the Philippine Agenda 21, the DRRM Law, CCA Strategy, EPIRA, and renewable energy policies. If limiting the supply of electricity is a means to “lobby” for cheap (in the short term perhaps but not in the long) and dirty energy, oh god, such deviltry! To revert to coal now in the face of historical and significant scientific evidence of its effect is – how else to explain it – dementia. So then how is dementia cured?


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