Panatag Shoal and the parable of the talents

Since majority of Filipinos are Catholics and, I believe, are familiar with the parable of the talents: that the one who hid his one talent was upon the return of his boss reprimanded for his irresponsibility and the talent taken away from him. This is reiterated in the parable of the young women with oil lamps.

Let’s say the one talent alluded to in the parable is the Panatag Shoal. How many years have the Shoal went undeveloped by the Philippine Government? (not to mention, how many years have the main islands of this country went largely undeveloped?) Now that a more capable State is taking it away (to develop it) isn’t this simply biblically fair? Obviously, as implied in the parable, the one who has shown the greatest responsibility (or capacity) to develop his resources would be the one to whom the (new) resource would be given.


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