Architecture in the face of global warming: back to basics

we also need to think about how to design for global warming. We need to go back to some of the lessons we used to understand on how to create structures that are not completely dependent on air conditioning and other mechanical systems. We need to open up our houses and make them sturdier. We need better planning strategies.

I think this will lead to better architecture. It will move us away from flimsy boxes ballooning with air-conditioned rooms and festooned with decoration. It will lead to communities designed with, not on, the land. It will help us create spaces that flow and provide shelter, rather than those that show off and segregate.

Read the full article here.

The Philippines too began with sturdy, land-friendly, and weather-adaptable home design and structure – the so-called indigenous houses – which I think we should go back to and re-fit into more modern designs. To me, the nipa hut has never symbolized poverty rather it stands for the affinity of the Filipino to the land (farming) and his/her natural genius at working with nature. Filipinos need to re-discover this within themselves.


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