Why we care for trees

I think that there is somehow a misconception about why care for the environment is being promoted. I hear media people, a big influence to shaping the minds of the public, trying to advocate for the environment as if the environment is the final destination. It’s not. The way I understand it is that care for the environment will ultimately benefit and ensure the survival of the human race. And that is why care for the environment is being promoted. Destruction of the environment means destruction of living species relying on that environment, including human beings. We care for the environment because we care for our selves and our children who will survive us and those yet to be borne in the future. I mean for goodness sake why shed a tear or make a scene on the street for the felling of trees that’s not flesh and blood? We care because for every tree felled means one less set of roots and carbon storing capacity which would otherwise ensure xx more survival years for human beings. Selfish? I don’t know but this is how the human-nature dynamic is cut out (perhaps to keep human pride down a bit because if human beings had their way- what, me rely on a bloody tree for survival? No way, man. I rely on technology. But technology has yet to discover an alternative to trees.) Cutting trees mindlessly or without a plan to replant is akin to dismembering oneself limb by limb. Only the crazies do that.


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