Starting well: Philippines ranks 40

Policymakers still give most attention to the tertiary, secondary and primary levels of education, in descending order of importance, with the least focus given to the early years of child development…This is a missed opportunity as preschools can help ensure that all children get a strong start in life, especially those from low-income or disadvantaged households

Starting Well is an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) research programme, commissioned by the Lien Foundation, which ranks the preschool environments in 45 countries.

This year, 2012, Philippines ranks 40, below South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam; if this can serve as a salve, above Indonesia.

Good to assess the country again maybe after 3 or 5 years, when gains from K12 (among other institutions in ECCD) are observable? But if I’m a decision-maker in a school, I’d start right now, as simple as journaling my school’s progress in early childhood education. What’s a half page synopsis of the school’s key actions (or inaction) each day compared to tomes of data and such that don’t see the light of day at head office anyway? Imagine if all schools here do that daily journal, then it would be so easy for researchers and policy makers (though perhaps not all policy makers since right now even in the face of strong evidence the half-turned face is the opted position) not to mention schools themselves.

Read the report here.


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