Building Modernity

This is the CD-ROM edition of the exhibit Building Modernity in 2007 at the Museum of the Filipino People (National Museum Complex in Manila). It features the complete catalogue of images and texts displayed in the 2007 exhibit: archival photographs, paintings, vintage graphics, blueprints, building components, building ornaments and related artifacts that highlights the various stylistic tendencies, movements, ideologies and technologies that molded the twentieth-century architecture culture in the Philippines.

I learned from here that the national design promoted in the time of President Marcos was indeed – confirming my personal observation – inspired by the native Filipino’s bahay kubo. (This is something Imelda Marcos should be thanked for, it’s a mistake that her work to promote Filipino culture then had been overshadowed by petty focus on her shoes and wardrobe – I mean, c’mon, women can’t have enough of shoes right, and even actors are given freebies from designers etc. who want to promote their stuff.)

I bought the CD at the University Press Bookstore University of the Philippines Diliman campus.


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