RH and what it asks of us: the wisdom of Solomon

It’s going to take national legislators the wisdom of Solomon to choose: pro-life or reproductive health.

Pro-life or reproductive health. When you repeat these two in your head, roll them over in your mouth for taste, and let them sink in deep, you somehow feel in your gut that they’re one and the same.

If there’s anything to fight for, it’s how users of birth control products abuse or are ignorant of the products’ use such that they use these purposely or mistakenly as abortifacients, which is how these things become anti-life which is not why it was invented. It’s like the use of a gun – in a just society, it’s for protection as when your life is unnecessarily and seriously challenged but in the hands of unlawful people it’s to kill, instill fear, and gain power. So the problem is not the gun (or the thing) but the human being in charge of it. Another example – the nuclear bomb. Why is it that we’re comfortable even if – I’m speculating here – the US keeps a nuclear bomb relative to say North Korea? Because we know (are sure of it and wouldn’t otherwise) that the US won’t use it for some ill agenda as say to control the world with. But the thing in the wrong hands is cause for great fear. Let’s have another example closer to the Catholic faith. The cross. Before Christ, the cross had neutral value, it was just a piece of wood. But since after its use (by humans) to crucify Christ onto, it has become, according to a song, an “emblem of suffering and shame.” Same with birth control products. These are not intended to kill the unborn life. These are, to be blunt about it, to mitigate the potential unplanned result of sexual appetites of men and women who otherwise in the heat of things are bound to bring into the world year after year lives that may not be cared for fully. If men and women can regulate their appetites and needs in such a way that they will only produce at most three children within a sexually active lifetime of say 40 years, then flush those birth control products down the drain. In a sense, look how humans are given that power – to share in the power of creation – the decision over how many lives they will bring into the world. And I believe as a Catholic that in these times God now more than ever urges us to “use that talent wisely” and not just to procreate mindlessly because He/She him/herself had a specific plan when He/She created the world – He/She had an image of the created world before He/She called it into being.

In the end, it is intention over the inventions that decide if these invented things are going to serve humanity “bad.” And the critical factor there – who decides its actual use – is the human being. The thing can’t decide its use obviously. (Besides RH is as mentioned in earlier articles here not just about birth control or family planning, but on the whole a respect for the reproductive aspect of life. Of course, again, the implementation of the law, if the Bill is enacted, is another matter altogether. We know that we can have the best worded law but if the best way of implementation doesn’t follow it is without value.)


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