Burnham Park Master Plan

Baguio City Hall has commissioned the University of the Cordilleras to do a master plan for Burnham Park some time ago. City Hall ought to take it down from its library shelf and review it again and see how it can be done. I think City Hall folks were a bit shell-shocked by the PhP1B plus UC Study and Proposal (which was why it got hidden on a shelf) but me thinks this is world class. If Baguio City is to be a top tourist spot in the North the vision can start with the redevelopment of Burnham Park which currently is almost a waste land.


5 thoughts on “Burnham Park Master Plan

  1. Allow me to share 2 links to show that there are other ways to improve Burnham Park and not just UC’s. One is by Jonathan Best – https://www.facebook.com/notes/save-the-burnham-park-movement/baguios-burnham-park-then-and-now/10150570130958546/ and the other by Architect Felino Palafox Jr. – http://www.manilatimes.net/postcards-future-revisiting-burnhams-plans/298086/ I do not agree with UC’s plan since I prefer Burnham Park to be kept a green open space.

    I was born here in Baguio in 1951 and lived here eversince. I run in the park at least twice a week for years now and have seen it change from good to bad.


    1. Thank you for these helpful input. Indeed, yes, the change from good to bad need to be urgently addressed. What is the best form or design for the Park is of course something that has to be discussed in community. The dialogue could be private sector-led, community-led, or City Hall-led, the outcome being a unified vision owned by the community to influence City Hall decision-makers with (if they’re not part of the discussion at the start). I guess the bottomline is, it has to start now before it’s too late or costly to reclaim the Park from franchises. Yes as residents the Park impacts our lives beyond the physical and environmental, it’s part of our social and cultural life, a heritage. It’s why we feel strongly about how it’s been overlooked in the agenda. Thanks again.

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