On erratic and extreme weather events Part III (The Water Cycle)

The complex, constant movement of water on Earth—from the oceans to the air, across the landscape, and through plants and animals—is called the water cycle. It is powered by solar energy, and aided by gravity. The water cycle includes all the processes that shift water—both those that physically move water, and those that convert water between solid, liquid, and gaseous states.

Because most water is in the oceans, most water is salty, and stays salty for a long time. Within the vastness of the sea, water molecules may linger for millennia. Tides and waves move ocean water over short distances, while currents circulate the seas around the globe. Carrying warm water away from the equator, and cold water away from the poles, oceanic circulation moderates the planet’s temperature extremes.

So if the ice caps (world’s largest deposit of freshwater) melt (at a faster rate nowadays), this decreases ocean salinity creating imbalance. Imbalance in the physiological makeup of the body makes the body and person ill. In this sense, the earth is ill and trying so hard to re-balance itself but if pressures on it continue it like the human body is capable of succumbing. And like the human body (host) giving up on the person (soul), once it succumbs there goes with it the human inhabitants.


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