You’re OK strokes for Baguio City taxi drivers

Some time last month, I noticed taxi drivers in the City were all in white collared tops. They looked smart. Professionals. I guess that’s what “white collar” looks in reality. These days, they’re in red collared tops. Turns out, the Department of Tourism Cordillera Administrative Region Office (DOT-CAR) organized a pep training for taxi drivers, focusing on their responsibilities and how they contribute to the total image of Baguio City. And of course for local tourism. This is great. I’ve observed that taxi drivers lose their sensibilities sometimes not because they’re really rude but partly because along the way they’ve somehow forgotten the importance of what they do relative to the value chain.

Workers who just go in and work and have never heard, attended, or were given a company pep talk dry up in no time, affecting people around them not to mention the quality of their work. Human beings naturally seek recognition for their labor and affirmation that what they do are important relative to others’. Affirmation brings out the worker’s better side. So it’s a wonderful idea that DOT CAR has come up with the scheme. I hope though it’s not a one-off but one that’s regularly done, DOT-CAR or perhaps City Hall as the organizer.


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