On Philippine political dynasties

It’s not political dynasties per se.

In the US, the name that readily comes to mind is Kennedy. What differentiates political dynasty there from here is that there, the system (government) is larger than the clan or the ruling member of that clan whereas here the clan or the ruling member of that clan dominates the system. In the former, they play within even inspire the system. In the latter, they dictate the system.

The Kennedys worked to upgrade public goods – education, supporting the putting of the first human on the moon.

Here, many communities where political dynasties govern are a decade after their rule still without electricity, lack roads, their members largely illiterate, local economies cannot create jobs. In un-monitored places, their power is further consolidated by small armies.

This is the sort of political dynasties we have, in general. Which is why political dynasties in the Philippine context is criticized.

On the contrary, even if the governing class are political dynasties but if they work and stand for what is good and true and fair, the people will have nothing but praises for them.


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