Showing up

Not turning up to take your stand when it is your duty to do so is irresponsibility. Not turning up to take your stand – whether it’s a yes or no – on the RH Bill is a tactic that can’t be invoked forever. At some point, the duty-bearer has to show up and speak. If it’s a no so be it. If it’s a yes thank you very much. At the end of the day, it’s not the yes or no, but rather it’s about having a healthy robust debate such that the matter is understood from all angles, deciding, and making your decision known. I guess I’m a true Aquarian in that I will defend any one’s right to speak his or her mind even if I don’t agree with it.

In an earlier article here, the subject is on identity crisis. Not showing up when that’s your job conflicts with the Filipino value of palabra de honor. Where has this value gone to these days? What is an honorable Filipino statesman/woman these days? What is a respectable Filipino citizen these days?

One’s kin and teachers teach you that honor and integrity are worth more than academic scholarship but ultimately to be honorable and respectable is your choice. You have to choose to imbibe particular value sets of your culture for that to become part of who you are – your identity. To turn away from making the choice is worse than making the wrong choice. Relative to dutiful soldiers taking the frontline in the senseless conflict in Mindanao, turning away from making your decision known when it is asked for is betrayal of a nation’s trust.


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