The essence of a charter city

Baguio City is a chartered city. What is a charter city? says

The worldʼs poor know that better rules prevail elsewhere. Gallup reports that 630 million people would like to move permanently to another country. If they could, even more would surely follow, but they cannot because voters in the countries where they want to go, the countries with the best rules, will not let them in.

The world needn’t choose between the extremes of forcing migration on countries that do not want it and shutting out those who want to escape inefficient rules. Charter cities offer a third option. By copying rules that work, new cities can quickly give millions of people the chance to move to places that start with better rules.

More of the concept here.

Which is why, if the City of Baguio City desires to imbibe being a charter city, it has to do more than the very short charter (HB 3759) focusing on A&D land disposal it has drawn up. And, since the direction is that it continues to be a charter city, who is its mentor now? Years ago, when the charter was first drawn up it was the Americans.


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