Mountain retreats, new vistas for Philippine tourism

Interiors magazine, in its February/March 2013 issue, featured the mountain retreat, Uma Punakha, in Bhutan’s Punakha valley. Again, it struck me that tourism in the country need to diversify, to showcase also, following the restricted scheme applied to tourism in Punakha Valley, its inland beauty (as opposed to the usual fare of beach resorts). By inland beauty, I mean the country’s mountains. Travelers do not seek the Shangri La experience in sunny beach resorts. Further, mountain resorts link well with the ongoing plan to up medical tourism in the country.

This panoramic view of Punakha Valley reminds me of the Cordilleran village, Naguey.

Source:  Interiors, February/March 2013
Source: Interiors, February/March 2013

Interiors reports that there is a national mandate in Bhutan for builders to use the national architectural design which the hotel’s design team did.

uma punakha-corner view from hotel

uma punakha-lobby


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