On the Sultan of Sulu-Sabah conflict Part II

How do you solve a problem like Sabah?

But maybe the problem is the question.

WHAT IF the win-win solution being thrown about has actually begun some time ago and what we’re now seeing is the tail end of it? Did the widow of the 34th Sultan of Sulu cue the public on this when she said the taking of Sabah is mere drama? In this drama, is the goal to have the MNLF the new residents of Sabah but since, for obvious reasons, it can’t just up and occupy the land, it had to have a legit front act who is very legit indeed – Sultan Jamalul Kiram III?

The Kirams (the real ones and not), with their new BFF, the MNLF, will wallow in palm oil for the rest of their lives – ideologies unrealized can be so damn tiring at a certain age. Malaysia will regard them with maximum tolerance, of course. The country, “purportedly once funded the MNLF in the 1970s to create a rebellion in the Southern Philippines” will have such a grand homecoming with its prodigal sons and since it can’t and won’t pay the Kirams the market value of the Sabah lease, it will just have to let them in on the oil and land. In the meantime, it has to broker the peace deal between the Philippines and the MILF. With MNLF – the real party who’s been snubbed – and Kirams – the land owner (or, claimant however they are seen) – out of the way, tallying palms, it’ll be a walk in the park. Soon, somebody (or, entities) will, as a result, get the Nobel. And every one will live happily ever after.

But wait what about Amalilio, the dead (unfortunately this part was real), and the displaced? Amalilio – anything can happen to him now, he may actually be confirmed among the dead. The dead – world peace needs some martyrs, right? The displaced – well, there’s always the UN and 4Ps.

International media calls the incursion bizarre. It may very well be, considering that the ending of a teleserye (tv series) can have several permutations depending on the director and producers. Meantime, audiences can’t help conjure all sorts of possible endings to it. Regardless, after weeping a bucket, who doesn’t want happy ever after?


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