Competitiveness and unemployment: it is the curriculum

Below is a university’s curriculum for a BS in HRM (Hotel and Restaurant Management), which was featured in a 2009 study on the national hotel and restaurant industry. A disappointment really. Based on calculations, that is, if the curriculum is streamlined to just the core and important subjects for the specialization, the course could be had for 1.5 years instead of the prescribed three years. This is 62 units (plus 6 units accorded to the military training) off the total prescribed units.

The course is supposed to graduate specialists in HRM but with this curriculum, the students are still generalists by the end of four years. In more detail:
1. Military training for non-military university specializations? Is this Israel? So why don’t we send all these unemployed reserves to do a Sabah clean up, if only to jumpstart careers?
2. Religion subjects for a specialization in HRM? Then why are we offering bar management at all? It’s putting HRM studes in a guilt trap: you can operate a bar but go to confession afterward. And please preach God to your customers.
3. Aesthetics. For HRM? I have to rack my brain for this.
4. Dances? Sports? Are HRM grads to double as dancers at night after their day job?
5. Philosophy of Man? Well if HRM grads can’t find jobs in their industry at least they could philosophize about themselves; why they’re not ‘man enough’ to find jobs in their field?
6. Retorika? Philippine Lit? World Lit? Are HRM studes to be reading poems to their customers as well?
7. Introduction to Economics (this is fine) but with Agrarian Reform? Why don’t we see HRM studes out there with farmers fighting for their right to land? And why give Intro to Econ toward the end of the course?
8. Life and Works of Jose Rizal? We’ve had these in high school in super large doses already. Besides good citizenship can’t be learned just sitting down. So, couldn’t HRM university studes instead be taught Lessons From Hotel and Restaurant Owners and Managers Around The World? Or better yet, for the university to facilitate a face-to-face meeting between the students and the industry’s leaders.

It’s not just offering the course but it’s also about what students are to learn from the course. And supposedly university is where students are to gain their specializations. Imagine the waste, of being in university learning all sorts of things other than what you want to specialize in.

First Year, First Trimester
Communications Skills I 3
Aesthetics 3
General Psychology 3
Bible Study 3
Physical Fitness 2
Seminar on Personality
Development 3
Military Training (3)

First Year, Second Trimester
Elementary Algebra 3
Philippine History 3
Philippine Government
and Constitution 3
Principles of Tourism 1 3
Church and Sacraments 3
Dances 2
Military Training 2 (1.5)

First Year, Third Semester
Communications Skills 2 3
Business Mathematics 3
Principles of Tourism 2 3
Sining ng Komunikasyon 3
Religion and the
Contemporary Search
for the Self 3
Individual and Dual
Sports 2
Military Training 3 3

Second Year, First Trimester
Oral Communication 3
Wordprocessing 3
Peace Education 3
General and Food
Chemistry 3
Filipino sa Tanging
Gamit 3
Catholicism in the Modern
World: Problems and
Challenges 3
Military Training 4

Second Year, Second Trimester
Philippine Literature 3
Basic Accounting for
the Hospitality
Industry 3
Principles of Food
Production and Menu
Planning 1
Retorika 3
Nutrition and Wellness 3
Team Sports 2

Second Year, Third Trimester
World Literature 3
Rooms Division Management 3
Foodservice System 3
Marketing Management for
the Hospitality
Industry 3
Purchasing Management
for the Hospitality
Industry 3

Third Year, First Trimester
Philosophy of Man 3
Introduction to Sociology 3
Catering System 1 5
Controlling and Analyzing
Costs in Food Service
Operations 3
Bar Management 3

Third Year, Second Trimester
Foreign Language 3
Financial Management for
the Hospitality Industry3
Human Resource Management
for the Hospitality
Industry 3
Facilities Design and
Building Engineering
System 3
Catering System 2 5
Legal Aspect of the
Hospitality Industry 2

Third Year, Third Trimester
Foreign Language 2 3
Ecology 3
Issues and Cases 1
Information Systems for
the Hospitality
Industry 3
Franchising and Small
Business Management 3
Introduction to Economics
with Agrarian Reform 3
Life and Works of Jose
Rizal 3

Fourth Year, First Trimester
Practicum 800 hours 12


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