Curfews on minors

Ordinances that put children and young people on curfew existed in the localities even before this sudden rise in the disappearances of children. I was and I’m still against it. Writing these ordinances is easy. It could be done without involving much thought which is precisely where the problem lies. There’s not much thought put to it. But its effect is like locking up the children in order that they don’t get their hands on your gun on the dining table.

Whose fault is it that the gun is on display on the dining table? Who are behind the children’s disappearances? Who are the owners of gaming shops who allow children and young people to continue playing even past a certain hour at night? How come children and young people are criminalized for their movement that has nothing to do with causing the problems?

We need to rethink how we are addressing the problems. For sure, it has never been the children’s and young people’s fault. If there’s any ordaining against that we adults need to do, it ought to be against our baser actions. If there’s any protecting that children and young people need, it’s from adults who have not been good models to them.


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