Urban greening ideas


Perhaps the human eye is made to see green. Overfed with the gray and hardness of concrete in the city, the eyes will search for green. Riding toward Ortigas from Pasay, I had a glimpse of vertical square walls along the underpass in the Makati area. The few plants on them looked about to wither from vehicular soot and lack of sunlight. I guess it’s the wrong location to install these vertical gardens.


The “living wall” designs at Habitat Horticulture gave me the idea that, (1) on a city scale, such as Metro Manila, instead of nondescript concrete to keep off the view of slum areas from the roads, I would have a gallery of living walls (photo above) installed instead. Healthier for everybody too. The informal settlements especially their unemployed youth take care of them – they’d love to do that and learn urban horticulture on the side instead of being asked to do the boring job of scrubbing the concrete walls clean; (2) on the home front, I could do a mini-scale of this, but a wall of herbs instead.


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