Please, the machine is innocent
The debate concerning PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) machines is most stupid. It’s like bank executives discussing whether or not to install a vault in the bank. The endless discussion over whether or not the source code for the machines will tempt cheaters to manipulate it is nothing less than irritating. Hell, yes, everything tempts. I am always tempted to eat a gallon of Haagen Dazs. The question is, will I act on this temptation?

I could use a chalk to write my choice of candidates with but if no one cheats, my vote will be counted as I’ve written it. The machine is innocent.

The situation in this country is this: we have lost trust in each other; in our leaders; in authorities. Our recent political history of cheating, lying, and stealing did it. Our grandparents did not have an issue in this because in their time palabra de honor is the operative word: Your word is enough. That is why MacArthur counts among their heroes – the General really did return.

The debate (and actions after an agreement) ought to have been about educating and making electronic voting useful to all voting Filipinos, because there are machines manufactured specifically for those with disabilities and manual dexterity problems.


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