The Philippine reproductive health law and the human anatomy

There must be a higher reason why our reproductive organs are not our feet.

Let’s review the location of the major parts of our anatomy, shall we? First, the head and brain. It’s at the very top and centered. Next, the heart which is toward the left. Next, the stomach. Next, the major reproductive organs. They’re halfway between the head and feet, and like the head, centered. Last but definitely not the least, a pair of feet which is physically the human body’s base. So why do we refer to reproductive organs and things related to them as ‘baser’ as in baser instincts?

Let’s also review the implications of this ordering. The head: the body’s HQ and control center. The heart: renewal and supply center. The stomach: energy supply center. The major reproductive organs: the field office. The feet: touch base with the earth/the ground.

My point is

That HQ has major say in the operation of its field office. That production at field office is based on an overall production target given by HQ. That in order for field office to produce and meet the target, the stomach and heart will provide it with needed supplies. That the feet, lest field office develops megalomania tendencies (thinking it will earn perks from HQ by overproducing), are there to yank back field office to reality.

By continuing to protest the reproductive health law, hence regarding the body as all feet, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), at least those who oppose, and those in league with them are effectively saying that they do not acknowledge the wisdom of God in His/Her ordering of the human body. The human person, as Pro-Creator, is responsible for the number he or she brings into this world. When, given his or her resources, this human person could only care for three other human beings, so be it – he or she will Co-Create only three. This is why the head and the brain are at the very top. We don’t let our feet or our reproductive organs do the thinking. It’s the gist of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues — the message is actually to dialogue, to dialogue with the rest of the anatomy. Because monologue in the reproductive sense conjures bereft – there’s no one at the other end unless it’s a shrink you’re facing.

The CBCP should really rethink, with all their faculties, about their stand. In the cave period, production without targets is the imperative because the earth then needed more people. Today’s context has changed. The imperative is to slow down. And we need some control. We need to touch base with present reality. If we can’t trust our bodies to do that, we have produced effective tools to aid us. Besides, there are other issues beyond family planning that are also covered under reproductive health. But all of these are about taking care of the human body, the human population, the earth; of being responsible Pro-Creators and Co-Creators. When God said “be fruitful and multiply” I believe He said it with the assumption that we are intelligent enough to gauge when not to fill the earth so much that it combusts. And, surely, “be fruitful” is not only confined to the reproductive act? Workers don’t need to be told everything by their bosses. Bosses are happy when workers are able to work with minimum supervision.

I’m shocked that the Supreme Court, filled with brilliant legal minds, has allowed itself to be dragged into thinking otherwise. In my college days, my favorite place was in the law section because other than it being a conducive place to nap in between my classes, I liked to be with the law students; their focus and studiousness (which I was poor at) inspired me to put more effort in my academic studies. When the SC is acting stupidly, I am confounded. Are they bored?


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