Two to tango, many to party

Rope and clamp sales are still unusually up. They’re talking global sales. Everyone’s not tying each other up (or down), surely? What is it with this trilogy on “kinky fuckery”? How do fictional characters drive up real-world sales? What do they have that real people don’t?

The political and development worlds are definitely missing out on the breakthrough strategy here. Time to ditch the boardroom perhaps? And put up a playroom where we can get poverty and pollution rates to go down at Fifty-ish ballistic rates? Because as it is, at current poverty reduction strategies, we’re down to a fat turtle’s pace and it’s what the end of the world already? Who was it who said that all we need is one brilliant idea? And who are even thinking about producing that idea? 50? 100? A thousand? We’re 90M on our feet. Where are the rest?

Local media has been full of the elections and here it comes, on Monday. Will real change happen after the elections? The response in body language is a shrug. I’m not as enthusiastic as the candidates are with their agenda. For one, there remains the signs that say traditional politics persists. I mean, how many candidates and elected local chief executives were killed since the start of the campaign? And what’s unbelievable is the country is sleeping on it. The circumstances surrounding the deaths have been regarded as regular events. Regular normal, like typhoons. Like ripe coconuts falling to the ground. No one from the locals or authorities or the Church have roused. Is that normal?

It was also campaign period at the time. I can’t recall which election. A colleague had been shocked. He was attending a local meeting with local officials in an open area and out of the blue, someone, a shot. And chaos. The shot was for a local official. Isn’t it that the rational normal reaction is outrage? This criminal behavior in my backyard? No way! But locals have shrugged it off, because they experience it all the time. A bit of shock, or are they? Something more exciting to gossip about. Wailing at the funeral. Mass for the dead. The public procession. And, finally, the earth welcoming back its own. It even appears that locals are presented with welcomed entertainment and good reason to shake off dust from that dress stashed in the baul/old chest. What you do when the circus comes to town. My god, we’re talking murder here. Who to congratulate this mental and psychological state for? (Incidentally, State of the Nation Addresses should do that — report on the state of the nation. The economy is not the nation. Narrowing down the nation to its economy is like handling a snake still filled with venom by its tail. Head first. A society of virtuous citizens is assurance that the economy will develop and grow.)

Political dynasties per se are not wrong especially with the current state of Philippine society wherein those with the political machinery and inclination are from the dynasties. In fact, if members of these dynasties decided not to run now, the nation will find itself in a crisis. No government. From there, who’s to tell what will follow?

Political dynasties are wrong to the extent that

1. They go the whole nine yards to eliminate their rivals and perceived enemies. They believe they’re above the law. They believe they are the law.
2. They’re allowed to be above the law. No one from the locals breaks ranks. It’s easier that way, because the other way leads back to No.1.
3. They are appointed to positions of power despite No.1. The one who appointed them is not at all appalled by his or her decision.
4. Their sense of social justice is screwed up. While enjoying the benefits that political office gives them, they ignore the situation outside their offices. Business transactions take centuries and this is happening in close proximity to them, in the offices next to theirs. Now and then, to appease the people, they show up with their schooled I-am-so-charming grins to dole out pieces of bread. These pieces of bread, to the uneducated poor, are manna. As expected, they have again established themselves as these people’s gods.

This flaw which hounds Philippine society is not due to the President alone. It is beyond one individual’s responsibility. It is on all of us. To tango, it always takes two. To party, many.


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