Popularizing ballet and what Local Chief Executives can learn from it

Source:  Philippine Inquirer, Nov 7 2011
Source: Philippine Inquirer, Nov 7 2011

Lisa Macuja is proud to dance in dilapidated school auditoriums and on makeshift platforms in shopping malls. “It popularizes the ballet,” says Macuja, who is a member of the Kirov Ballet and graces the world’s premier stages. “We are trying to develop an audience for the classical performing arts in the Philippines.”

For years Macuja has been traveling by plane, boat and bus around the Philippines to share with countrymen her artistry and love of dance.

“We are bringing ballet to the people,” she says. “Without an audience, we are dead.”

-The News Today, Dhaka

(even Dhaka is proud of Ms. Macuja!)

Ballet is alive and growing here, thanks to Ms. Macuja. I see a growing number in Baguio, interested and serious enough to pursue the art. That’s outcome for you.

In my mind, Ms. Macuja’s promotion of ballet has parallel resonance to good local governance, the only difference is that for some time now many Local Chief Executives are lacking the drive and ethos of Ms. Macuja. Management science has a term: management by walking around.

Go visit dear LCEs the public library, as a start, take out a book, sit there, observe – what do you see? feel? Does the structure, facilities, service, state of books, the number of users, etc. good to you, deep down? If they’re not, they aren’t too to the average users. So what to do?

Manage by walking around and become relevant. Warm callused hands. Revive weary hearts. Listen to untold stories. Observe. Do. Lead. Inspire. And it can only happen by being out there.


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