On the Pugad Baboy brouhaha

If it’s true then it’s time the nuns running the private school to take a long and deep look at it. ‘It’ could be what was expressed or it could be deeper than that. It’s weird sometimes that a mention of something opens a window into something else. But what if a girl’s a lesbian? if a boy’s gay? What is there to apologize for? If you ask me, the onus of proof is on the school – to prove that the strip wasn’t a parody. But how does one prove that? Oh god, I’m having nose bleed.

In any case, every day is always a good day to have a hearty laugh – at the comicality of it all which includes real people taking a swipe at an imagined conversation – silly or otherwise – between cartoon characters.

Sad thing is, they have mistakenly and too quickly bumped out the brilliant Pol Medina and with him, the crazy funny but refreshingly authentic Pugad Baboy. Print media is now one cartoon strip less free.

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