According to Inuit culture in Greenland, a person possesses six or seven souls. The souls take the form of tiny people scattered throughout the body.

Do you suffer what a French paleontologist called “the distress that makes human wills founder daily under the crushing number of living things and stars”?

For the world is as glorious as ever, and exalting, but for credibility’s sake let’s start with the bad news.

– Anne Dillard, For the Time Being


This reminds me of the culture of the Philippines, of its 7,100 islands. Each island has its own culture, one dominant, at least. For instance, in Luzon, in its northern mountain region, the Cordilleras, is home to several mountain tribes and each has its own unique way of experiencing and interpreting the world. These tribal cultures are largely undocumented hence unknown and lost to majority of Filipinos today; mostly, it’s foreign intellectuals who have written about them and their works returning to us. China, on the other hand, is also multicultural but how come it’s moving forward as one, a nation? The reason has something to do with geography – unlike the Philippines, the cultural groups there are not physically disconnected island-like. They’re all on the mainland. It may be a good thing then that, HK, has grown and matured, first, under the British. It was one less worry not to mention budgetary allocation for mainland China. Knowledge, then, of how the island cultures perceive and interact with the world, I believe, are the key to unlocking the puzzle to how to unite the Filipino people. So far, we’ve just barely skimmed the surface.


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