Training 101: know the audience

In the article before this, I mentioned about the need for LGUs to understand policies before they can execute them. In a research some years back, I put the question before public officials we met with. I was totally disarmed by the reply. It turned out DILG National Office staff gave them an orientation-training on a national policy of local significance, but they understood little of what was taught. The activity, they said, was conducted in English. These public officials were serving at the barangay level and most of them did not finish high school.

At the end of the sessions, the trainers asked the trainees the customary ‘any questions? clarifications?’ and having received none their usual complaint is that their audiences are too quiet. But how could I, for example, a trainee from these villages, tell these NO staff to repeat the sessions, in the vernacular this time? The damage is too great to undo.

In this case, obviously, the problem is not that there wasn’t information drives on national policies but that the trainers lacked the preparation, to map out their audience and tailor-fit the training program accordingly.


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