Philippine Migration Report 2013

The first Country Migration Report for the Philippines largely authored by the Manila-based Scalabrini Migration Center, was drafted in cooperation with 30 contributing organizations, including the Department of Labor & Employment, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and the Commission on Filipinos Overseas.

The 291-page report makes a raft of recommendations. They include the need to:

1. Focus on national development to eventually render overseas employment as a genuine option, rather than a no-choice necessity.
2. Develop a migration and development lens at local government level to engage migrants, diaspora communities and their families in realizing the potential of migration to contribute to the development needs of their provinces.
3. Focus on the implementation of existing norms, rather than increasing regulation.
4. Increase the preparation of government officers involved in the governance of migration.
5. Facilitate the formation of business communities among permanent migrants.
6. Strengthen links with the Filipino diaspora.
7. Provide channels of information to migrants concerning local development projects.
8. Offer innovative opportunities for investment and ensure that migrants possess the financial literacy necessary to start their own economic activities.
9. Provide access to favourable credit schemes to migrants and their families, using remittances as collateral.

The complete report is available here.


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