More fun in the…

Toilets and sanitation facilities costs the country’s tourism industry millions a year either because these facilities are lacking or far from world-class. While we here are knocking off our heads for ideas, these places sure are having fun in that area.

Best Western The Croft | Darlington, United Kingdom I via modernman

Gargoyles. They look kinda hungry.

The That’s It! Bathroom | Queenstown, New Zealand I via modernman

Urinals at the Sofitel Queenstown Hotel and Spa are overseen by life-size photos of women.

The World’s Largest Public Bathroom | Chongqing, China I via modernman

Has 1,000 toilets, TVs, calm music playing, and urinals shaped like alligators, open-mouthed creatures, and, naturally, the Virgin Mary. And yet for some reason our favorite part is the sinks.

The Roseenmeer Facility | Mönchengladbach, Germany I via modernman

Controversy erupted when the Rosenmeer Hotel in Germany unveiled its new restroom… The garish checkered background totally clashes with the classy, understated urinals.


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