On the extension of RH Law TRO Part II

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s… even the Son-God understands that this is the system of this world and He is not about to dismantle that. Why so? Because the Church and the Government have fundamental differences, chief being that the Church is exclusive while the Government aims for inclusivity, given that a country is not only populated by Catholics (or any one religion) or men or celibates or the rich who can pay for home service (as opposed to the pregnant poor who have to cross the sea – and what if there’s a typhoon on the day she is to give birth? – to get to the hospital). The TRO is essentially a Catholic rule.

If it’s the fear of hell that the Justices are contending with, it’s a misdirected fear. In the end, salvation is personal. Other people will not “save” you. Only I am answerable for my life, the choices I made. San Pedro is interested to hear what I, not others, have to say about my life. He will get to them soon enough. Calling a friend is not a fallback there. This means, yes, we listen to what others have to say because no one individual has all the answers but in the end it’s my decision, my choice, after having weighed all sides. This is why we don’t share brains with each other, each of us has one brain each, one heart each, one body each. I don’t live my life with the body, heart, and brain of another’s.

The SC Justices, in deciding on the case (which should not have been entertained at all as a case in the first place), should, as Catholics, look and take comfort in the example of that wise king, Solomon. As judge, he did not let emotions dictate his decision, he did not decide based on tears. The SC Justices are confronted by the blindfolded Lady Justice and her balanced scale all the time, as a reminder. It is not an easy task but at this moment they are the ones in there and years before they chose to tread this path.


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