Tyranny of the majority: the case of the RH Law TRO

In the ongoing RH Law TRO debate, the majority is the Catholic Church and its machinery; the minority are the women and LGBTs who also need to have their right to RH care recognized and protected in order for them to seek this care without fear or shame. The majority contends, what is the few who die giving birth compared to the many who live? The reply to them is, what if that child was you and the woman your mother? What if you died along with your mother just because child birthing services are not given the importance in your locality? Is that a safe and caring world for you? Maybe it is, for you. But it isn’t for me and many other women.

My body is not theirs or the public’s, hence not subject to others’ decision. I know–should know–my body, more than anybody could or should. I will take care of my body. Provide me with the correct information as to its care when and where I need it. Provide me with tools so I can better take care of it. Of course, I will not do anything that will endanger my life or the young life inside me.


In safeguarding individual rights (liberty), a democratic government stands sentry.


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