On the relocation of AFP in Subic

Why Subic is the best place to relocate the AFP in shouldn’t be debated. It is the best place. It was where the US forces were located before they were asked to leave; give it to the US Military to know vantage points across the globe like the back of its hand.

The AFP in Subic should give people in Central and Northern Luzon relative sense of protection and peace of mind, in case; although, if you look at the current map, Northern Luzon is relatively open to attack (if ever, but hope not) and unprotected (i.e. it would take some time before armed forces will arrive). It used to be that this part of the map is strategically protected by the well-equipped US forces at Camp John Hay which as we know has been wholly redeveloped into a business and commercial estate (also the pattern in the Fort Bonifacio area. But while we are pursuing economic growth let us not forget an equally important national objective, that of protecting the country. Personally, I worry about how unprotected this part of the country is – given its closeness to the current frenemy – and it’s hurting even to imagine that all your dreams for the future will go just because your government cannot protect you from invaders; that’s definitely not protecting liberty.)

I’m saying this because I came to know and was surprised that LGUs in these parts are following the news and anxious about China’s insistent move to claim some islands off the country; from one tourism officer, they feel that they can’t really plan for local tourism because of their fear that who knows an external force might swoop in tomorrow (think Pearl Harbor); the imagined scenario is paranoia at best but still it always pays to be prepared.

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