Now more than ever: rule of law and consistency

Whether it is malversation of public funds or commission of a criminal act, the accused has to go under legal scrutiny until a pronouncement is made.  No exemptions.  Rich or poor, no citizen of the country is above the law.  That is how discipline is instilled and order achieved.  If there’s someone who spat on a place where there is a sign that says ‘No spitting.  Or be fined…’ then whoever is tasked to uphold the message of the sign should be there to accost that someone and collect or issue a ticket.  Otherwise, prepare to be labeled as spineless.  In other words, the law should be accompanied by a firm set of “teeth”.

You don’t do it (e.g. accost and fine persons wiho spit on pavements) just for today, or when you’re on a roll, or when you feel like it.  No.  You should do it every time.

Otherwise, kung wala din lang tayong kinikilalang batas let’s do away with all the current laws.  Let’s be the first nation to be without a Constitution.  To be law-less.  Or, are we that already?  The Constitution has a provision against public nuisance but it took President Aquino to rule out wang-wang from the streets for people to stop its use.  The wang-wang mentality is, on a deeper level. that of lawlessness, disregard of the law, to do what we like how and when we want it knowing it is against the law expecting to get away with it, which need to stop.


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