Inclusive housing: for the elderly

Evaluating the program of an elderly home, the architects wanted to work not only on the social spaces, but also design  high quality private rooms for the individual. The architects Francisco and Manuel Aires Mateus tell:

It is a program, somewhere in between a hotel and a hospital, that seeks to comprehend and reinterpret the combination social/private, answering to the needs of a social life, and at the same time of solitude.

Location: Alcacer do Sal, Portugal I Architect: Aires Mateus e Associados I via arcspace

Each room or “house” opens to its own private terrace.  This feature allows residents to enjoy the open air in privacy, while at the same time  providing an effective solar protection from direct southern sunlight.  The light gets reflected on the white walls before getting into the rooms.




On the ground floor, all the recreational and common areas are distributed: Reception, social rooms, dinning, kitchens and technical rooms like locker rooms, etc.  Upper floors are primarily used for all the private bedrooms, individual or double, as well as some social interaction areas.

Read more at arcspace


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