This is not the time to cry

I understand why Cardinal Tagle is moved to tears by the evil schemes of the implicated pork barrel scammers although if it was up to me he should’ve shown them what holy wrath looks like, as what Jesus’ anger must have been to those doing business on the temple grounds (ironic that it had to be Jesus who was just passing by the place who raged against the opportunists while the temple priests who were there 24/7 did not). The good Cardinal should’ve stretched himself to his full height like Moses atop the mountain backed up by God-sent effects like thunder and lightning streaks and with eyes blazing and in an other-worldly voice condemn the money-as-their-idol-worshippers “woe to you! woe to you men and women of no faith!”  At this, if the people have their wits about them they would’ve instantaneously jumped on this lot and who could tell what a maddened public is liable to do, as what Ombudsman Leila de Lima implied in her call for citizens’ arrest of Napoles.

And then what about the infamous prelates who during the recent elections launched the Team Patay and Team Buhay campaigns against pro-RH candidates?  If these church leaders insist they can dabble on individuals’ RH rights, why not take it further into the arena of governance?  Given that some of their members were also recipients of the pork barrel even as far as allowing the Black Nazarene to be brought to one person, Napoles, while the rest of humanity burn under the hot sun to make the long walk just to catch a glimpse of it, campaigning confidently against tax money scammers as what they’re doing against the RH Law is out of the question.  As a result, Catholics are in tears.

I imagine another Filipino Cardinal crying, Sin.

But this is not the time for the living to cry.  If there’s anyone who should cry, it ought to be the tax money scammers.


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