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Bombing in public places.  Landmines targeting civilians.  Shooting and killing private citizens at close range in broad daylight and in crowded places.  Kidnapping for ransom.  No day goes by without blood spilled and some form of terrorism staged.  What does that say about us?  That we’re a hot-headed vengeful blood-crazed heartless I-believe-I’m-God-so-I-can-kill-and-kidnap-damn-well-I-please people?  That living in the 21st century we haven’t thrown away the headhunting mindset of the cave age?  Let us argue to hell and back but please let us not kill each other just because one of us lost the argument.  But above all elected officials need to be the public’s role model for responsible behavior.  Create jobs in the localities for all so that persons living on the edge won’t have reason to sell themselves for murder.  And always, the rule of law.


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