Some people are…

Some people are twisted, in ways that don’t show. In ways they themselves don’t see or understand. It may be circumstances that twisted her, Eli, but she’ll never really see it.  – Whiskey Beach, Nora Roberts

Crime stories are on some level sad stories.  But murder is murder.  Jesus didn’t use his power to take the repentant thief down from the cross. Instead he assured the man of a place in heaven once he repented  and served his sentence well (hence balancing the scale/books of Justice).  Being the ultimate Judge, Jesus understands justice. Repentance doesn’t take away the application of justice though it can soften its sentence.  And forgiveness occurs independently of justice.  Recall the case of Mary Magdalene.  Jesus, while feeling compassion for her and may have already personally forgiven her, still offered her to public trial:  stone her, those of you without sin.  But since the members of her tribunal weren’t more pure (e.g. perhaps they have whored with her at one point), they walked away hence absolving her of her guilt (which was in effect her sentence).  But if her tribunal was above reproach (implying that at the time whoring was prevalent) I believe she would’ve been stoned (meaning time and place have much say on outcomes).

Applying that now to the impending trial of the named elected officials in the COA report of the PDAF management, the reason why the Filipino public is demanding that justice is served is that collectively this public is above reproach in as far as the management of public funds/taxes is concerned. First off, management of public funds is on public officials not on the general public.  Secondly, look at, for example, Filipino farmers, landless in the 21st century, tending to their small plots day after day.  Their produce brings them less than the minimum wage hence are exempt yet they pay their other dues to their local governments (e.g. community tax, tax on property if they have).  They have given their equity share to the running of government but does government provide them the same quality of service it renders the wealthy?  So you understand their indignation, their call for justice, their call for blood.  Because by god they have sweated blood – magtanim ay hindi biro, as the national folk song goes – paying their dues to government.  So yes relative to the named elected officials the people are above reproach and justified to throw the stone.


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